Buy from A1globalPharma – Elocon – 5gm Cream, Serobid Rotacaps – 50 mcg, Kenacort Injection – 40mg/1 ml, Ciplactin – 4mg for allergy treatment.

Kenacort Injection - 40mg/1
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Ciplactin 4mg (Cyproheptadine HCl)
Ciplactin 4mg

What is Ciplactin 4mg (Cyproheptadine HCl)? Ciplactin 4mg (Cyproheptadine HCl) is an antihistamine drug that reduces the chemical histamine in the body. Histamine is a natural chemical which is secreted by the mast cells in the body and triggers allergic … Continued

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Elocon 5gm Cream (Mometasone Furoate)
Elocon 5gm Cream (Mometas...

What is Elocon 5gm Cream (Mometasone Furoate)? Elocon 5gm Cream (Mometasone Furoate) also sold under the brand name Asmanex, Elocon among several other brands, is a corticosteroid drug. It decreases the effects of the chemicals that cause redness, swelling, or … Continued

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Serobid Rotacaps - 50 mcg - Online - A1GlobalPharma
Serobid Rotacaps – ...

The drug Serobid Rotacaps – 50mcg – preparation containing Salmeterol Xinafoate is an effective medication that provides symptomatic relief and prevents Asthma, Chronic bronchitis and chronic disorders of pulmonary glands. This drug is used for controlling and preventing the symptoms … Continued

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